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Born:  October 3, 1849 Mystic, CT 

Died: July 22, 1929 Mystic, CT

National #476

State # 3

Father: Simeon Haley, Groton, CT
Obituary from Hartford Courant

“Mystic, July 23, (AP) Mrs. Catherine Haley, a real daughter of the War of 1812, died tonight. She was a member of the families of Haley, Avery and Burrows, well known New England names. Born in 1849, she was the daughter of Captain Simeon Haley, who took part in the Battle of Stonington in 1814. Mrs. Haley was one of five members of the Connecticut Chapter of the Daughters of the War of 1812 whose father actually fought in the war. She leaves a daughter, Mrs. Samuel E. Chesebro of Mystic.”


Born:  November 24, 1781[6] Groton, CT[7]

Married March 15, 1803[8] Groton, CT[9]

1st wife died November 25, 1834[10]

Married 2nd wife April 16, 1837[11] Groton, CT[12]

He died: May 9, 1859[13] Mystic, CT[14]

 “Our Real Daughters” photographs and biographical sketches of Daughters of Soldiers of the War of 1812-1815, circa 1850-1922, 1 binder (black)

Photo Courtesy Connecticut Archives

 Captain Simeon Haley was born November 24, 1781 in the town of Groton, CT, midway between Mystic and Old Mystic, and was quite young when his parents Jeremiah and Catharine Hilyard Haley, moved to Pistol Point, Mystic Bridge, CT. He was educated in the village schools, and like many of the boys of that period, went to sea when young and advance rapidly in Maritime knowledge. At twenty years of age he was made master of a vessel engaged in the coasting trade, and later became an owner and master of packets. At the age of fifty he retired from the sea and spent the remainder of his life in Mystic, where he had erected a house about 1800. This house is still standing and in the possession of his descendants.

 Captain Haley served at the defense of Stonington in the War of 1812, and was most active in protecting that town from the British invasion, for which service his widow received a government pension.

 After taking up his residence in Mystic, Captain Haley was made an inspector of Customs of the Port of Mystic. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and an attendant and supporter of the Old Road Congregational Church in Stonington.

 He married on March 15, 1803 Sarah Packer of Groton, who died November 24, 1834. By this marriage he had three children, Catherine, Lucy and Simeon, none of who survived their father. On April 16, 1837 he married for his second wife Priscilla Avery Burrows of Groton. By this second marriage there were two children Nathan and Catherine. The latter is now a member of the Society of United States Daughters of 1812. Captain Haley died suddenly on May 9, 1859 and was buried in Elm Grove Cemetery at Mystic, CT.