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Source Records and History of Connecticut in the War of 1812, Please See

  1. For First Person Accounts See These provide us with the words of real people recounting their own experiences making history come alive.

  2. Including here First Person Account of Joseph Bates Click Here

    Black Rock’s 19th Century Merchant Archives Preserved

    Manuscripts over two hundred years old from Black Rock’s most prominent merchant and shipmaster, Thomas Bartram, have been successfully preserved and digitized thanks to a donations from local Black Rock residents and  the CT Daughters of 1812.. The Thomas Bartram account books are in three volumes from 1801 to 1838, with 650 pages and over ten thousand lines of script. Transcribing the documents may unlock much of the mystery of Black Rock's earliest days, of which little is still known today. And so a fundraising campaign will take place to pay to have all the pages transcribed and also for an online exhibit which will let local students and scholars learn more about early local history. The log books detail trade transactions with merchants and shipping and involve many of the earliest residents including Caleb Brewster. Both Bartram and Brewster have streets named them in Black Rock.  The merchant documents will also help provide insight not only into daily life in early 19th century Black Rock but also how and commerce and trade led to the building the Black Rock lighthouse which became operational in 1806.

    War of 1812 Privateer Records

    1 American Prisoners of War Held at Dartmoor During the War of 1812 author Eric Eugene Johnson.

    2 Click Here
    History of the American privateers, and letters-of-marque during our war with England in the years 1812, '13 and '14 interspersed with several naval battles between American and British ships of war / by George Coggeshall., .
    Coggeshall, George, 1784-1861.Coggeshall, George, 1784-1861.
    3rd ed., rev., corr. and enl.
    New York :G. Coggeshall,1861.
  3. Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors- Click Here Author James Barnes. Complete title of is Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors-Tales of The War of 1812 -fictional account of interest to young high school and junior high readers. Published first in 1897.

    For Recommended Bibliography . Click Here